Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fred Aldous, making Christmas stress free!

As much as everyone loves Christmas, sometimes it can just get a bit too stressful can't it!

What with organising the perfect Christmas Day complete with Dinner for 13, including one gluten intolerant Niece and a Vegan 'Niece's boyfriend'... Aunty Maureen, who hasn't spoken to Aunty Jean for 7 years and Grandad who won't eat anything vaguely unusual these days and will guaranteed demand everything stops for the Queen!

It all gets a bit complicated doesn't it!

Well Fred Aldous thought about this and on our website now you'll find the answer to your gift problems... making that difficult task a little less arduous giving you more time to spend on the million and one other things this festive season seems to throw your way.

Maybe you're working to budget, but still want to buy gifts that are relevant; and will be gratefully recieved, well now you can see at a glance what is within your budget, from £5 to over £25... you're sure to find something that's just right with a lot less hassle than trawling the High Street in the crush, only to find what you've wanted is out of stock. Of course you can always get your chosen items delivered to your door, with our delivery service, that will usually get the goods to you within a couple of days, allowing you more free time to get on with all the other little tasks Christmas throws you.Like writing the cards, decorating the tree

...and what if you haven't a clue what to buy for some people... Well we've thought about that too, you can simply search the most relevant category in our Christmas Gift Guide, which will take you directly to plenty of ideas for the little Princess, the Design Guru, or Eco warrior at home!

Take a look at the new Christmas Gift guide located at the top of our Home page on the Fred Aldous website and see how we can make this Christmas more fun for everyone... especially YOU!