Saturday, October 17, 2009

Diana Mini, so many features in such a small camera!

It's our very great pleasure to introduce to you all our very latest delivery from Lomography!

This little baby, has all the great features of it's 'parent', the classic Diana F+, but some charming new abilities all it's own! Being a Lomo camera you get all the usual lens characteristics with the Mini; the ability to superimpose images on top of one another, the exquisite long exposures to capture movement and stunning light effects, and the famous gorgeous saturated colours that make Lomo pictures look so very now, so very retro and so very fabulous!

The Mini uses 35mm as standard, allowing you to get your films processed everywhere you might be, a great advantage when you're travelling around, but what makes the Diana Mini so exciting is the option to use "Half frame" shots. With a flick of a switch you can go from the classic Diana square format to an exciting half frame picture, allowing you to capture twice as many images on the one roll of film, and compose some amazing shots, two different pictures in a single photo, all at no extra expense! In the box you'll find all the info and guides you need to get the very best from all your snaps.

There's the option to choose from 4 focal lengths allowing you to get creative and hands on with your subject matter.... from 0.6m to infinity and beyond! It also features a wide angle lens to you can squeeze everything you want into your frame. You can adjust the camera with a simple switch that allows you to shoot in all light conditions, whether cloudy or bright too, so with that kind of flexibility, and with it being so dinky, handy and compact there's never any reason not to keep it with you. Also included are features like the Tripod fitting, and a Cable release attachment, and the fittings to use the Diana Flash there's so much more scope to control and create with the Diana Mini than ever before!

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