Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's that time of year again!

I guess there's just no getting away from it... Christmas is just around the corner. Shops on the High Street are decorating their windows, and Slade and Wizzard will be on a continual loop in the shopping centres and Malls across the country.

Our Swing card range from Santoro is always very popular and we now stock their new Festive range...with six great cards to choose from, they're almost a gift in themselves; a special way to send Yuletide greetings to friends and family.

Fred Aldous is always a great place to find all the gift ideas you need for friends and family who are crafty; and now we can also supply you with some great greeting cards , wrapping papers, and gift tags

If money's tight as I guess it is for many right now, the right wrapping paper makes your gift look all the more de luxe for very little money; and if you're crafty perhaps you might customize it yourself to make it totally unique, and remember, all these little details can make your Scrapbooking pages look particularly fantastic, so any left over bits and bobs you can get plenty of value out of...

Here at Fred's, each week new deliveries of stock are arriving with great boxed sets and Complete Collection Sets that make great presents... (that is besides the regular kits and sets we offer- see below!) They make a great solution for those arty types who are perhaps difficult to buy for, or, a real treat for yourself! Take a look to see if there's anything to tempt you, and let make sure you Santa know in plenty of time!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Party Animal!

Facebook seems to have become one of life's guilty pleasures, catching up with the latest gossip from your friends, seeing what they've been upto, and perhaps more embarrassingly showing them what state you got in last night, but as well as that it's also a great way to catch up on all your favourite groups, stores and stars.

One of our latest projects has a facebook fan page all it's own!

Utilising our new Laser Cutting services, Fred Aldous and launched the first in the range of animal head masks. The fantastic, PANDA! Quickly assembled into a fully three dimensional mask, it's a fun dress up idea or maybe even something to decorate your home with ... a brand new take on the old stuffed taxidermy mount. The range will grow into a whole menagerie of Lion, Moose, Frog, and many many more; all laser cut, from heavy weight card, and supplied with all the decal stickers to bring the mask to life and 'paws' and a 'tail 'to complete your look!!

The Panda Head page on facebook is the perfect place to show everyone your escapades whilst wearing your very own Panda head! , check it out next time your logged in!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Diana Mini, so many features in such a small camera!

It's our very great pleasure to introduce to you all our very latest delivery from Lomography!

This little baby, has all the great features of it's 'parent', the classic Diana F+, but some charming new abilities all it's own! Being a Lomo camera you get all the usual lens characteristics with the Mini; the ability to superimpose images on top of one another, the exquisite long exposures to capture movement and stunning light effects, and the famous gorgeous saturated colours that make Lomo pictures look so very now, so very retro and so very fabulous!

The Mini uses 35mm as standard, allowing you to get your films processed everywhere you might be, a great advantage when you're travelling around, but what makes the Diana Mini so exciting is the option to use "Half frame" shots. With a flick of a switch you can go from the classic Diana square format to an exciting half frame picture, allowing you to capture twice as many images on the one roll of film, and compose some amazing shots, two different pictures in a single photo, all at no extra expense! In the box you'll find all the info and guides you need to get the very best from all your snaps.

There's the option to choose from 4 focal lengths allowing you to get creative and hands on with your subject matter.... from 0.6m to infinity and beyond! It also features a wide angle lens to you can squeeze everything you want into your frame. You can adjust the camera with a simple switch that allows you to shoot in all light conditions, whether cloudy or bright too, so with that kind of flexibility, and with it being so dinky, handy and compact there's never any reason not to keep it with you. Also included are features like the Tripod fitting, and a Cable release attachment, and the fittings to use the Diana Flash there's so much more scope to control and create with the Diana Mini than ever before!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Manchester, the place for Creative Craft and Arts

Here in Manchester city centre, Fred Aldous is right in the heart of the Creative arena, supplying, makers, designers and artists in and around the city and beyond.
Right now there's so many events happening here in Manchester, there's the inaugral Free For Arts Festival which is spread across the whole city in venues and locations. Showcasing art by new and upcoming Artists from the city. Along side the paintings, photography, installation there's a whole host of performance pieces being staged in bars and clubs around the city! We even have Sketch City, the local Street Art-Graffiti group in our windows creating Art in the very shop!
Then there's the Great Northern Craft Show at Spinningfields from the 23rd of October till the 25th, now in it's second year, this is a fantastic show that brings some of the higher end craft practitoners selling anything from clothing, glass, ceramics, textiles and jewellery.
If you're in and around Manchester these next few weeks we really suggest that you check out what's going on and around town... and if you see something that's inspired you to get creative, pop along to see us here on Lever Street.