Saturday, September 19, 2009


Digital cameras are brilliant aren't they, so easy to use, so simple... anti this, auto that... taking the perfect picture every time seems a doddle!

But they can all look a little samey unless you're really proficient with all the technical settings, or are a whizz on the computer tweaking filters and manipulating the image!

...and if you're anything like us though you've probably got hundreds of pictures on your computer you never get round to printing them off!

Lomography gives you back the control to take amazing pictures your way! Totally manual, totally cool, totally Lomo!

We've been stocking "Lomo" camera's now for some months and they're proving really popular, whether it's the tiny and compact "Demekin" upto the top the range Lubitel or LCA+ ...there's something for everyone to get involved with and become a budding David Bailey or Mario Testino!!!

One of the key benefits of the range is their simplicity and adaptability, the range is expanding all the time so that you have much more scope to take great looking shots, each one a mini masterpiece, featuring the Lomo-look; super saturated colours, vignetting, dreamy long exposures and the characteristic light effects! With all the accessories you'll want to experiment with too, you might just find an exciting cool new hobby that you could incorporate with other projects you have in mind!

Take a look at our extended range, and see what possibilities could tempt you, see life a new way, see it with Lomography!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Creative Kids are Happy Kids.

Here at Fred's we're often asked what crafts we have to start kids off, encouraging little fingers and teaching them new skills and developing their artistic expression. Whilst we've always tried to cater to this particular market, there are a lot of things that just aren't suitable, be it due to small parts, or sharp components, or nasties that just aren't suitable.

Happily, we've found a perfect solution, "The Little Experience" kits, have been tailored made to get kids started in crafts, and there's lots for little boys and girls to get excited about! All the kits are recommended for children over three years of age, so they're perfect as an introduction, with supervision into a lifelong interest in making and crafting.

The kits incorporate a wide variety of skills, and will give Junior Crafter's a real sense of achievement when they see what they've created! Most importantly they'll acquire abilities that will last them a lifetime.

To make sure that everyone is suited the kits are schemed into age brackets, so nothing's going to be too difficult or any newbie crafter might think too babyish....which is something we all understand is an important factor to little people!

There's a massive selection to choose from too, like the Create It Flowery Jewellery kit, and the Create It Monster Finger Puppets for smaller kids, to the Build It Bulldozer kit or the Stitch it Donkey kit, for slightly older kids to the more involved Knit it Monkey kit or Build It Bird Cafe!and so much more!

Take a look at the full range we stock, and maybe you'll find something that can offer any "Would be Crafters" you know a helping hand into an exciting