Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fascinating Fascinators

In recent years fascinators have become really fashionable, you'll have seen them everywhere in all the glossy magazines, with the likes of Victoria Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker and many other celebrities choosing them to adorn the red carpet in their evening gowns and designer shoes. A Fascinator is the fashionable 'icing on the cake'! Chances are they've spent hundreds on their designer versions but you too can now achieve the same glamourous look at a fraction of the price!

We carry all the items you'll need to create your own extravagant confection!

Maybe you've a fancy party, a wedding or a day at the races and don't feel a traditional hat is for you, well with our vast range of feathers, diamantes, and beads you can complement your outfit with a little touch of catwalk panache!

A recent addition to our range is the all important comb base. Clear in colour they'll suit all hair types and blend with practically every look... with the clever addition of some gorgeous plumage from our extensive range and a dab of glue, you'll look every inch the celebrity with none of the expense!

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