Sunday, June 10, 2007

Coming Soon

Zhermack Silicone Rubbers

We are currently testing a range of casting silicone rubbers.

The tests are going very well, the range includes

a cosmetic silicone which can be used for body casting. This

will be a great addition to our Casting & Modelling Dept.

More info, prices and availability will be posted shortly.

This picture shows silcone fingers cast from an alginate mould, really easy to make.
White Alginate super smooth 500gms Retail Price – £9.99
Extended description – White Alginate for body casting, super smooth, 6 minute working time. Moulding can only be used once. Try Pink Cosmetic Silicone for multiple casting.

Red Silicone skin texture 2kgs - Retail Price – £49.00
Extended description - Silicone Rubber for moulding and casting. A general purpose mould making silicone that can also be used to make realistic body casts direct from an Alginate mould.
Pink Cosmetic Silicone 2 kgs - Retail Price – £50.00
Extended description – Fast set (3 minute) silicone rubber for life casting. Made from cosmetically approved raw material, thixotropic (will hold its shape even on a vertical surface), pink (skin tone), can be used for multiple body casting and will adhere to itself if repairs are needed.


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Looks Great!

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Good dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.