Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Stock!

Bargain Bag of 20 Astd Brushes

20 Assorted sizes and types of brushes, contents may vary, each pack mainly contain Humbrol Senator camel brushes. Brushes mostly suitable for watercolour or acrylic painting.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In Stock Now...
Pewter Roll 50cm X 2mt
We now have extra wide pewter sheet which is 50cms wide, previously only availble 30cms wide. This very good quality pewter sheet is 500mm (19.7 inches) wide by 2 metres (78.75 inches) long. This roll of soft pewter is for use in jewellery and embossing. It will cut easily with household scissors. 0.15mm (.006") Thick. 95% Tin, 4% Antimony, 1% Copper. Comes well packed in a clear tube.

Monday, June 18, 2007

In Stock Now.....
Felt can be made in more than one way. We now stock different felt making kits, one uses the needle punching method and the other uses a rolling technique. The rolling technique seems to be well suited to create large areas of felt by laying fibres on a felting net, damping them with warm water and rolling the felt to knit the fibres together.The needle punching method uses a special needle with barbs on the side. You place fibres on a foam block and stab the fibres repeatedly with the needle tool. This tool can be used for finer detailed felt work. Some of the members of staff are testing this needle punching kit and trying out these techniques. We’ll keep you informed of how they get on!We also stock assorted packs of the Merino Wool Tops, these are the fibres used in felt making and can also be used in spinning and weaving.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Coming soon - ZA 40 THIXO FAST body casting silicone rubber.
Easy mix, fast set, tixotropic, flesh coloured silicone rubber.
Mix equal parts, working time 3 minutes, setting time 10 minutes.
Download the pdf below for futher information.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Coming Soon

Zhermack Silicone Rubbers

We are currently testing a range of casting silicone rubbers.

The tests are going very well, the range includes

a cosmetic silicone which can be used for body casting. This

will be a great addition to our Casting & Modelling Dept.

More info, prices and availability will be posted shortly.

This picture shows silcone fingers cast from an alginate mould, really easy to make.
White Alginate super smooth 500gms Retail Price – £9.99
Extended description – White Alginate for body casting, super smooth, 6 minute working time. Moulding can only be used once. Try Pink Cosmetic Silicone for multiple casting.

Red Silicone skin texture 2kgs - Retail Price – £49.00
Extended description - Silicone Rubber for moulding and casting. A general purpose mould making silicone that can also be used to make realistic body casts direct from an Alginate mould.
Pink Cosmetic Silicone 2 kgs - Retail Price – £50.00
Extended description – Fast set (3 minute) silicone rubber for life casting. Made from cosmetically approved raw material, thixotropic (will hold its shape even on a vertical surface), pink (skin tone), can be used for multiple body casting and will adhere to itself if repairs are needed.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Now In Stock

Wicker Shopping Basket - £6.99
Height 18cm Length 41cm Width 33cm

Now in stock

A6 Deckle Edge Cards 50 Pack £6.99
105mm x 147mm when folded, 220 gsm card blanks complete with 120gsm deckle edge envelopes. Available in white and cream.